Ultrasonic Object / Spot Detection Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensor & Module for Object detecting, Range-finding, Autonomous driving.

Sensortec ultrasonic object detection sensors are used for accurately measuring distances and detecting objects without physical contact. These ultimate ultrasonic transducers detect objects providing background suppression despite the object’s physical appearance. The output is based and determined on the application and its requirements whether it’s for spot detection or ultrasonic object detection.

Ultrasonic safety sensor use air as medium to detect materials or objects using no-contact technology. Ultrasonic distance detector is easy to install, use and are reliable. Almost all materials can be detected whether they are hard or soft, irrespective of color or transparency and design of the object/material. They operate over longer distances as compared to proximity sensors. Open type ultrasonic sensor can be used or applied in motion recognition, intrusion detection and for similar purposes.

Ultrasonic sensor are also available in open / closed type structure and some of the features of these sensors are:

  • Easy to Install
  • Wide temperature range
  • Long range coverage
  • Water and dust proof
  • Operating reliability is high
Ultrasonic Object Detection Products

Ultrasonic Sensor for Open structure type

Ultrasonic Sensor Module for Range-finding

Ultrasonic Sensor Module for Open structure Type