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Parking Guidance System can be used at outdoor parking lot with excellent water-proof, dust-proof and can be minimized misdetection of the parked cars by Algorithm.
It is available for distance or setting changes according to the using environment & operating or to generate lamp lighting for detection
It is applicable for various parking lot that have detecting distance with Max 6m.


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Object Detection
Water or liquid level detecting
Intrusion Alarm system
For Automatic Door
Proximity switch
Motion control
Part number STMA-P503NC STMA-P506NC STMA-P507NC
Nominal Frequency [KHz] 40
Degree of Protection IP65
Directivity [deg] 90 25 110(Horizontal)
Operating Temperature[℃] -40°C ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature[℃] -50°C ~ +95°C
Input Voltage [VDC] 10 ~ 25
Output Signal Type NC : Open Collector(NPN)
Detectable Range[m] 0.5 ~ 3.5 0.5 ~ 8 0.5 ~ 3.5
Dimension [mm] ø24x50L ø24x50L ø24x45L

LED PGS Sensor (PM-100) helps drivers to make parking easily and offers excellent compatibility with parking control System

  • Excellent Reliability by sensor with water-proof, dust-proof
  • To avoid Non-detection according to Vehicle types with detecting mode on bottom surface
  • To prevent malfuction according to seasonal changes with Temperature compensation functions
  • To prevent Mutual interference between sensors through synchronization technology
  • Remote control through RS485 communication & Monitoring
  • Cost down with Sensor/Lamp unification & support various Colors


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▶ DaeGu Fatima Hospital Parking Lot

Nominal Frequency 48KHz
Detectable Range[m] 4 m
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 70 ℃
Power Consumptions[Watt] DC 24V
Power Consumptions[Watt] 0.5 ~ 1.5 W
Communication RS485 (Max 32 unit / node)
Interface 4P Connect cable
Display 3Color (R, G, B) built-in LED
Setting mode Communication command
Active mode Remote control
Installation place Race-Way upper parking space
ID Setting 5P Dip Switch
Dimension (D)85 mm x (H) 60 mm