Supplier of Parking Guidance System

Parking guidance Sensor indicates the closest available parking spaces in the Parking lot.

Parking Guidance Sensor directs drivers to identify easily available parking spaces.


Sensortec Parking Guidance System provides real time indication to drivers for available parking spaces where our PGS system sensors are installed. Our system provides easy access to drivers for parking spaces as they don’t need to drive hunting for the available parking spaces or parking lots.

Our Parking guidance system uses Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology which is based on sensors for real time indication of parking spaces strategically displaying numbers or spaces available in parking lot ensuring drivers are directed to nearest place available for parking vehicle.

Sensors are located at each space which signals if the parking space is vacant or not. This signal is displayed on display boards to direct drivers to nearest available vacant parking space. Installing Parking guidance systems supplied by Sensoretec, will prevents congestion and allow drivers to park their cars efficiently.

Parking Guidance Products

Ultrasonic sensor for PGS

ParkMate Series