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Distance Control Sensors for Aid in Parking Vehicle

Parking Assistant System provide the best Stability & Convenience for drivers.

Sensortec Parking distance control system has revolutionized the way of Parking by introducing technology oriented smart-sensor system which provides stability and convenience to drivers while parking their automobiles.

Our smart parking system aid drivers to park their cars without any hassles by using the smart parking distance sensors placed on vehicle to assist in accurate measurement giving parkers high level of assurance, satisfaction, stability and convenience.

Being the leader of parking assistance system supplier, we provide all types of sensors ranging from high quality to economical range for every automobile. We also provide OEMs with our parking sensor technology in aftermarket. Our parking system aid is amplified from noise characteristic, to be a proven solution for all OEM economic vehicles globally.

To provide maximum system efficiency, Reverse parking manufacturer, Sensortec system is built-in ECU with ASIC design. It can also be developed to meet demand of customer and LIN communication is also supported.

Parking Distance Control Products

Ultrasonic sensor for Automobile

Parking Aid System for After market



Ultrasonic sensor module for
Heavy Equipment